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  1. Does Winchester still make guns? Will Winchester Ammunition answer Winchester gun questions?

    No. Winchester guns are now manufactured by U.S. Repeating Arms Company and have been since 1981. You can find out more on the Winchester Guns page. Winchester Ammunition will NOT answer Winchester gun questions.

  2. Can I use steel in my firearm?

    The use of steel shot loads in various shotguns has been a very popular subject. Ultimately, I suggest contacting the manufacturer of your firearm, or locate pertinent historical data for such, to discover their recommendations. Generally speaking, any shotgun designed for smokeless powder is able to withstand the pressures generated by today's steel shot loads, within the appropriate chambering. As steel shot does not compress like lead, we do not suggest using steel shot through firearms with a full-choke. We do not suggest the use of steel shot in the Winchester Model 59 with a fiber glass barrel.

    The current manufacturer of Winchester firearms is US Repeating Arms Company (800-945-1392). More information can be found on the Winchester Guns page.

  3. Where can I get parts for my Winchester gun?

    If the gun was made in the U.S., parts can be obtained from U.S. Repeating Arms at 800-945-1392. If the gun was made in Japan, parts can be obtained by calling Nu-Line Guns at 314-447-4501.

  4. Can I shoot steel shot out of my gun?

    Winchester steel loads can be fired in shotguns of modern manufacture. It is recommended that steel be fired only in shotguns with no more restriction than an improved modified choke.

  5. I have a smooth bore shotgun; what type of slug does Winchester recommend?

    Winchester recommends the use of rifled slugs in smooth bore shotguns.

  6. Will shooting copper-plated shot through my turkey choke tubes harm the choke tube?

    We are not aware of any manufacturer of turkey chokes that recommends against the use of copper-plated lead shot; however, you might want to contact the manufacturer of the choke tube to confirm.

  7. Will standard "x" caliber or "x" gauge of ammunition work in my gun?

    You will have to contact the manufacturer of your gun for that information.

  8. I have an older model Winchester gun that my grandfather gave me. Where can I find information about it?

    Please contact:

    Buffalo Bill Museum
    720 Sheridan Ave
    Cody, WY 82414

    Winchester Club of America
    3070 South Wyandot
    Englewood, CO 80110

  9. I have been using your Supreme moly coated ammunition through my gun. What can I use to clean the barrel?

    This can be removed with most bore solvents. For other cleaning questions, you might want to contact your gun manufacturer.