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America’s Favorite Shotshell Turns 50, Winchester® AA®

America’s Favorite Shotshell Turns 50, Winchester® AA® 


1965. It was the year the St. Louis Arch was completed and the Green Bay Packers won the title of Super Bowl champs. There was a man walking on the moon and Lyndon B. Johnson was president. For the shooting industry, the AA® shotshell took flight from the Winchester Ammunition engineering labs and it’s been soaring ever since.

The design featured a highly reloadable plastic hull that offered consistent performance and gave shooters confidence in every shot they make. At the time it was dubbed the “ultimate target load,” and still is today. Be it straight out of the box or reloading, AA is undeniably the target load the majority of Americans go to when they are seeking the most dependable shotshell in the industry.

“We designed a shotshell that was far superior than any other target load five decades ago,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing, sales and strategy. “We have over 27 different configurations to choose from and numerous partnerships, like those with the USA Shooting Shotgun Team since 1999, as a result of the famous AA brand. This is a historic milestone in our company’s history."

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