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Another Turkey Hunting Game Changer: Winchester® Pattern Board™

All-New Winchester® Pattern Board™  


It’s early spring. The weather is warming and the days are getting longer. Time to pull your camo out of the closet along with your favorite turkey gun and heading out to pattern. Preparation is key. And the Winchester® Pattern Board patterning application will help you bring home your best gobbler yet.

With over 2,700 trigger pulls and actual targets shot, no simulations, the Pattern Board shows you exactly what your pattern will look like. It allows you to choose gauge, pellet size, shell length, choke constriction, brands (Long Beard® XR™, Double X® HV, Double X® Magnum and Super-X®) and adjust distance to pattern your shotgun loads from 10 out to 70 yards. There’s nothing like it in the industry and embodies all that Winchester stands for: excellence and innovation. Check it out at

Stay tuned for the latest line of turkey loads from Winchester: Long Beard XR Magnum. A heavier payload means more pellets on target and devastating trauma on longbeards.

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