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Spanning the globe, Winchester Legends brings you an unequaled and exciting hunting adventure each and every week. Join hosts Bob Foulkrod, Steve Farris and Melissa Bachman as they venture near and far in search of the hunting world's most sought-after game species from gigantic whitetails to the majestic Alaskan grizzly bear. With each bringing their unique skills to the challenges of hunting –– these seasoned hunters’ experience, wits and will are put to the ultimate test. Drawing from the spirit and tradition of the outdoors, with a focus on passing down knowledge from one generation to the next, Winchester Legends is a showcase for the lifestyle and the responsibility we all share that allows for the enjoyment of hunting.
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Episode 1: Kansas Whitetail

Bob Foulkrod treks to Kansas Big Buck Outfitters to see if they can live up to their namesake.

Episode 2: Texas Whitetail

Bob Foulkrod returns to his old stomping grounds in Quebec and shares fond memories of hunts past.

Episode 3: New Mexico Elk

Allen Treadwell travels down to New Mexico to chase the challenging wapiti through rugged terrain.

Episode 4: Indiana Waterfowl

Steve Farris visits what was once one of the greatest waterfowl flyways in the nation to see if has rebounded from previous years in decline.

Episode 5: British Columbia Elk and Bear

Bob's in British Columbia on a double header hunt featuring both elk and black bear.

Episode 6: Montana Whitetail

Treadwell tries his luck for a big sky buck in this exciting episode of Winchester Legends!

Episode 7: Ontario Waterfowl

Expert duck caller and shot gunner extraordinaire, Steve Farris, plies his trade on the famed shores and marshes of Ontario's Lake St. Clair.

Episode 8: Wisconsin Whitetail

Bob's back in Wisconsin for another go 'round with the wily whitetails of the Great White North.

Episode 9: Kansas Turkeys

Bob had such a good time hunting deer that he came back to Kansas Big Buck outfitters with Winchester wildlife artist, Ryan Kirby, to bag himself a Sunflower State strutter.

Episode 10: Montana Mule Deer

In the series finale, Bob Foulkrod and Bob Jacobsen are toughing it out in cold conditions looking for a monster Montana muley.