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12 ga. 3 1/2"" Blind Side

Product Details

Basic Information

Product Symbol: SBS12LHVBB

  • Hex Steel Shot
  • High Packing Density
  • Diamond Cut Wad
  • Drylok Super Steel System
Suggested Use:

Waterfowl (Ducks, Geese)Waterfowl (Geese)


Blind Side combines ground-breaking, Stacked Hex™ Steel Shot technology and the diamond cut wad in the most deadly High Velocity Winchester® waterfowl load available. Loaded with 100% hex shot, these loads deliver high energy, trauma-inducing pellets for fast kills.

  • High Packing Density Stacked pellets allow more space to accommodate optimized posder and wad design which result in higher velocities, 1675 FPS.
  • Hex Steel Shot Six-sided, multiple-edged shot provides increased trauma and wound channel, resulting in fast kills. High Velocity Hex shot allows reduced leads and provides increased pellet energy.
  • Diamond Cut Wad Designed to provide choke responsiveness, optimum pattern performance to increase kill zone.
  • Drylok Super Steel System Keeps your powder dry. Seals out water and moisture and is corrosion resistant for improved patterning and consistent velocities.

  • Gauge: 12
  • Shell Length: 3 1/2"
  • Velocity: 1675
  • Shot Size: BB
  • Dram:
  • Oz. Shot: 1 3/8
  • Rounds Per Box: 25
  • Rounds Per Case: 250


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