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Winchester is one of the most recognized brands worldwide. 127 years of quality products is the legacy that Winchester is willing to share with its licensees.

High brand recognition through Winchester Ammunition and other Winchester licensees will help to reduce your cost of marketing to distributors, retailers, and consumers.

Winchester advertising, promotions, press releases, mailings, shows, events and web site will provide unprecedented exposure for your products and your company domestically and internationally.

You will be included in Winchester’s yearly product catalog that is distributed to more than 600,000 consumers through Winchester vast network of retailers worldwide and you will be highlighted on, which is visited by over 3 million visitors per year.

As a Winchester licensee, you will have the competitive advantage of one of the most respected names in American history – The American Legend.

Brand Recognition
The Winchester name has long stood for quality and tradition, which consumers worldwide identify with and recognize. Studies conducted in Europe and North America confirm Winchester’s extraordinary recognition factors; identify its strongest attributes; and establish it as a brand name under which a wide variety of products can be successfully marketed.

Winchester is interested in moving the brand into new markets, which will provide long-term sustainable opportunities for profitable extension of the Winchester brand. Winchester brand image can provide the vehicle for securing market penetration and consumer acceptance without the requirement for extensive investment in brand development and recognition.

Winchester licensees are able to take advantage of Winchester’s extensive marketing efforts worldwide and profit from an association with the Winchester name.



What type of products would make good Winchester licensed products?
Only products of premium quality and adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship will be considered to become licensed products.

Sporting goods, tools, technology, personal protection, security, safety, life-style types of products are all types of products that Winchester would be interested in licensing.

What is Winchester’s core target market?
Married males, age 25 to 70 with an education level of high-school or higher and an annual household income of $15,000 or more.  These are Winchester's core hunters and target shooters.

What other markets would Winchester like to target with licensed products?
Other markets for Winchester licensed products are:
Females and youth new to hunting and target shooting.
Law enforcement community.
Non-shooting outdoor enthusiasts.
Consumers who enjoy the aura of the American West.



The Winchester name stands for superior quality, reliability, value and tradition. If your product or service can meet these high standards and you feel that it would be a good candidate for a Winchester licensed product, we would like to talk to you about the benefits of becoming a Winchester licensee.

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