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Dual Bond


No more tradeoffs between expansion diameter, penetration and retained weight! The new Supreme Elite® Dual Bond™ optimizes all three for awesome knockdown and deep penetration to help ensure a clean, quick kill.

1 - Bullet within a bullet
Revolutionary “bullet within a bullet” delivers an unprecedented 12 segment design with two times the expansion for maximizing stopping power.

2 - Hollow Point
Massive hollow point cavity provides lethal stopping performance at a variety of ranges and impact velocities.

3 - Proprietary bonding process
welds lead and inner bullet jacket together—improving retained weight and penetration for quick kills.

4 - Heavy outer jacket
mechanically bonded to the inner bullet, protecting it during penetration through thick hide and heavy bone, and ensuring maximum retained weight and penetration.

5 - Revolutionary design
delivers unprecedented knockdown and penetration—retaining nearly 100% of the original weight.

New Symbols for 2010

Bullet Weight
Bullet Type
44 Rem Mag
240 gr
DJHP Bonded
45-70 Gov't
375 gr
DJHP Bonded
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