Winchester Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition

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Bullets are custom-designed and manufactured to precise specifications to deliver specific on-target performance characteristics. These characterisics vary depending on bullet design. Winchester carries a variety of component bullets for both centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition.

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Centerfire Handgun

Silvertip® Hollow Point
FMJ - Flat Base
FMJ - Hollow Base
Truncated Cone
Full Metal Jacket
JHP - Notched

Choose from Super-X® Silvertip, Full Metal Jacket, Jacketed Soft/Hollow Point, or Truncated Cone component bullets.

Centerfire Rifle

Pointed Soft Point
Soft Point
Hollow Point
Full Metal Jacket

Choose from Super-X® Hollow Point, Super-X® Power-Point, Super-X® Pointed Soft Point, Super-X® Soft Point, or Full Metal Jacket component bullets.