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Use Winchester® Industrial Loads to safely increase production by solving problems in the following areas:

  • Remove accretions from the uptake and the cross over gate areas - easily removed with the Ringblaster® "Tool".
  • Quickly clear blockages of dross or loose refractory brick in the skim bay area - an ideal job for Winchester® Industrial Equipment and Loads.
  • Remove accretions from the uptake shaft door of converters.
  • Remove build-up from walls and ceiling of concentrate storage bins.

Winchester® Industrial Equipment and Loads are cost effective, highly economical - and safer - alternatives to drill or oxygen lance tapping methods. Winchester® Industrial Equipment and special Zinc Slug loads will not contaminate or affect the purity of most products. And when used with our patented Rifle Barrel Extension, ricochettes are virtually eliminated. Using the Winchester Ringblaster® "Tool" eliminates costly drilling or other unsafe and inefficient methods to tap a tap hole or remove a tap block.

  • Assure a large uniform tapping channel.
  • Keep people from working directly in front of tap hole.
  • Reduce turnaround time by allowing quick removal.

This application poses special problems for cleaning - and personnel. Winchester® Industrial Loads were designed to minimize the potential for damage to boiler tubes. In addition, these loads can also be used as part of a regular maintenance program to prevent excessive ash accumulation while the plant is on-line.

Reduce the danger of putting people into your boiler. Use the Western® "Tool" to remove slag in the following areas:

  • Under the nose.
  • Around the tubes.
  • Over the burner pipe (eyebrows)

Use Winchester® Industrial Equipment and Loads to remove Nose Rings, Balls, Logs or Ring parts, or to remove Snowmen/Christmas Trees in the Cooler area; or material build-up at the Crossover Tubes at the feed end of the kiln.

The Ringblaster® "Tool" is also used to remove the lining in kilns. By using the Ringblaster® "Tool" there is no need to wait for the kiln to cool - you can start removing brick at once.

There are two industrial "Tools" to select from: the Ringblaster® "Tool" and the new portable Western® "Tool"

Kiln downtime cost savings will pay for the Winchester® Industrial Equipment with the first application.

Winchester® Industrial Equipment and Loads can be used to knock down the build-up in the Silo.

Use the Western® "Tool" to eliminate the danger of putting people into your silo to remove the following types of build up:

Build up on side walls
Tower build up from the bottom