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Reloading and Components

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  1. Do you sell new or once-fired hulls as components?

    No, we do not sell hulls as components. For possible supplies of hulls, we suggest contacting Precision Reloading (800-223-0900) or Ballistic Products (888-273-5623).

  2. Do you sell copper-plated shot as a component?

    No we do not.

  3. I have obtained some discontinued Winchester powder. I would like reloading data on how to load it.

    Winchester powder is now supplied by Hodgdon.

  4. Does Winchester make match grade brass or primers?

    Winchester does not manufacture brass or primers as match grade.

  5. Does Winchester make lead free primers as components?

    Winchester makes lead/heavy metal free primers only for use in factory loads at this time. We are not aware of a manufacturer that currently markets lead free primers as components.

  6. Where can I find 16 gauge wads?

    The 16 gauge wad was discontinued due to lack of demand. We are not aware of any supply of 16 gauge wads.

  7. Where can I get loading data for discontinued Winchester powders/propellants?

    There have been several propellants discontinued over the years driven by market conditions.

    Winchester Powder is now supplied by Hodgdon, (913) 362-9455. For information see the Winchester Smokeless Propellants web site developed by Hodgdon.

    NO OTHER Winchester approved data is available at this time. Winchester loading data is not available for loading military surplus powders.

  8. Does Winchester sell a lead free primer?

    Not at this time.

  9. Is there a formula to figure the trajectory of a bullet?

    A ballistic coefficient (BC) is a numerical description of a projectile's aerodynamics. Shooters are concerned with this value because it describes the rate at which a projectile decelerates. The higher the value, the slower the bullet decelerates. The BC and muzzle velocity determine the bullets trajectory.

    Many software packages are now available to calculate downrange trajectories. For example, Sierra Infinity Ballistics Software provides this feature as well as the many equations used in the calculations.

    Energy is the measure of the work performed by a bullet, typically expressed in foot pounds. This figure is calculated by the following equation:

    W = bullet weight in grains
    V = velocity in fps

    ((W)(V squared)) divided by 450, 240

  10. Are you offering component brass for your 7.62x54R round?

    Winchester is offering this caliber as a loaded cartridge, however component brass will not be available.

  11. Do you still offer Silvertip bullets as a reloading component?

    No, we no longer catalog that item.

  12. Does Winchester sell nickel plated brass as a component?

    No, Winchester does not offer nickel plated brass as a component.

  13. How can I get a good crimp with the new 12-gauge AA high strength hull?

    Winchester has designed the new 12-gauge AA high strength hull to reload with the same reloading data as the old AA hull. However, on some reloading machines, even though the components and reloading data are the same, there may need to be a minor crimp station adjustment made. Please contact your reloading machine manufacturer if you need assistance adjusting your crimp station. Shooters have found that after making a slight adjustment to the reloading machines good quality crimps and long reloading life are consistently obtained with the new AA high strength hull.