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USA Shooting Shotgun Team is Loaded for Success in London  


When the best shooters in the world hit the trap and skeet ranges in London, the USA Shooting Shotgun Team will be firing on all cylinders with legendary Winchester® AA® ammunition.

Through the last four years of practice for London, Winchester has supported the USA Shooting Shotgun Team with almost three million rounds of Winchester AA ammunition. To put that in perspective, 3 million rounds of AA ammunition weighs about 230,000 pounds – about the same as 60 standard-sized cars.

“We’re proud to support the USA Shooting Shotgun team and excited to watch each team member chase greatness with Winchester AAs,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing and sales. “On behalf of everyone at Winchester, we wish the entire team good luck.”

One of the brightest stars in London will be modern-day Annie Oakley and USA Shooting shotgunner Kim Rhode. In four previous Olympic appearances, Rhode has captured two gold medals, one silver and one bronze. Rhode will attempt to make history and become the first athlete to medal in an individual sport in five consecutive Olympic Games.

“I wouldn't be attempting to set the medal record at my fifth Olympics without Winchester,” said Rhode, 33. “I’ve been shooting Winchester Ammunition for 23 years and I’m confident when I step out on the line to shoot that I have the very best ammo.”

With a company heritage dating back to 1866, Winchester Ammunition was there for the taming of the American West, the Allied Forces’ victory in World War II and through the years, millions of fond memories made in the great outdoors. Winchester Ammunition has been the official ammunition of the USA Shooting Shotgun Team since 1999.

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