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PDX1 was chosen by the FBI as their primary service round and is now available in a full line of popular handgun calibers 


The new Winchester Supreme Elite Bonded PDX1, which was chosen by the FBI as their primary service round, is now available in a full line of popular handgun calibers. The Bonded PDX1 is engineered to maximize terminal ballistics, as defined by the demanding FBI test protocol, which simulates real-world threats. The new Winchester Bonded PDX is offered in 9mm, 40 Smith & Wesson, 45 automatic and .38 special.

Winchester Bonded PDX1 technology is superior to competitive personal protection loads with features that include:

  • Proprietary bonding process—Welds lead and jacket together to work as a unit controlling expansion and providing superior retained weight.
  • Hollow point—Works with the bonding process for outstanding performance through tough barriers and impact velocities/ranges.
  • Jacket notching—Six segments help promote positive, consistent and programmed expansion at a variety of impact velocities.
  • Copper alloy jacket—Contoured for maximum upset over a wide range of velocities/ranges.
  • Nickel plated shellcase—Helps ensure positive gun function through smooth chambering and shellcase ejection. 


Symbol (Line / Grain / Jacket)

  • S9MMPDB (9mm Luger +P / 124g / JHP Bonded)
  • S9MMPDB1 (9mm Luger / 147g / JHP Bonded)
  • S40SWPDB (40 S&W / 165g / JHP Bonded)
  • S40SWPDB1 (40 S&W / 180g / JHP Bonded)
  • S45PDB (45 Auto / 230g / JHP Bonded)
  • S38PDB (38 Special +P / 130g / JHP Bonded)

For more information about this Winchester product, visit PDX1 information page.

Winchester is Proud to be a Leader in the Shooting Sports
Winchester® Ammunition has been the exclusive ammunition sponsor of the USA Shooting Shotgun Team since 1999. The mission of the USA Shooting organization is to prepare American athletes to win Olympic medals, promote the shooting sports throughout the United States and influence other shooters to become interested in international competitions. Winchester has taken the initiative to become a leader in advancing and supporting conservation, hunter education and our country's proud shooting sports heritage. To receive more information about the U.S. Shooting Team, visit