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More Lead-Free Shotshell Game and Target Loads Available for 2009

Winchester will add the loads to the Xpert® Game and Target Steel Shot lines. 


As consumer demand and regional lead-free regulations continue to grow within the United States, so does the Winchester® Ammunition line of steel shot shells for upland hunting and target shooting.

In 2009, Winchester will add the following loads to the Xpert® Game and Target Steel Shot line:

  • 12 gauge, 2 ¾ inch, 1 1/8-ounce,  #6 and #7 shot, muzzle velocity of 1,280 feet per second
  • 28 gauge, 2 ¾ inch, 5/8-ounce, #6 & #7 shot, muzzle velocity of 1,300 feet per second
  • 410 gauge, 3 inch, 3/8-ounce, #6 shot,  muzzle velocity of 1,400 feet per second

These new Xpert steel loads, which are ideal for upland game, utilize engineered wads to protect barrels and produce hard hitting patterns for target shooting, as well.   Xpert steel shot has a higher velocity and more pellets per ounce than equivalent weight lead loads.

“Our testing of these products at the California State sporting clays event showed us the dramatic clay busting ability of these  steel target and game loads.”  said Brad Criner, Winchester Ammunition’s marketing manager for shotshell products.

This value-priced steel load, available in 25-round cartons, is an excellent choice for upland game and clay targets.

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Winchester is proud to be a leader in conservation
Winchester is involved with numerous organizations at local, state and national levels. For example, Winchester is a proud supporter of the Ruffed Grouse Society,  sponsoring the Ruffed Grouse Society’s shooting program and the National Grouse and Woodcock Hunt. For more information about the Ruffed Grouse Society, visit