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Winchester Ammunition Celebrates Their 150th Anniversary with 3 Short Films

Watch exclusive videos celebrating 150 years of the legendary technology of Winchester 


Winchester Ammunition has created three short films celebrating their 150th Anniversary.


Milestones is a short film culminating 150 years of Winchester as The American Legend.

From Buffalo Bill Cody to the iconic Horse & Rider logo, learn about Winchester Ammunition's key milestones.

The Veteran

Every spring brings a new opportunity to take a step forward and to recall the memories of seasons past. For 92 years, Arden Hill has witnessed the transformation from the hills of Tennessee. Each new season bringing life and purpose to a season enriched by the past.

Fueled by the fond memories of seasons past, and thankful for the wonder of every new spring, listen to his great story.


The memory of King Buck and the rich history of Winchester are present at NILO Farms.

John Olin’s history is felt at NILO Farms and serves as a reminder of Winchester’s commitment to conservation.

Today as Winchester continues to preserve & protect treasured traditions, the rich history of NILO Farms serves as a reminder of the past.