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Deer Season XP™: Blood Trails Measured In Feet, Not Yards

Deer Season XP™ 


As a deer hunter, you can face many unique challenges leading up to when you pull the trigger. Winchester® Ammunition’s Deer Season XP can help you overcome them. It’s the first and only Winchester bullet designed specifically for deer.

Key Features of Deer Season XP:

  • Bigger Tip. Bigger Impact™ – Radically new large-impact-diameter design expands immediately upon contact to deliver the energy needed for massive knockdown power
  • This isn’t just an old bullet in a new box – All design features have been engineered specifically for deer
  • Accuracy – It flies straight thanks to the Extreme Point™ polymer tip, tapered bullet jacket and precision swaged lead core
  • Price – Top shelf performance at a value price

Available in all your favorite calibers:

  • 243 Win. – 95 gr.
  • 270 Win. – 130 gr.
  • 270 Win. Short Magnum – 130 gr.
  • 7mm Rem. Magnum – 140 gr.
  • 308 Win. – 150 gr.
  • 30-06 Springfield – 150 gr.
  • 300 Win. Magnum – 150 gr.
  • 300 Win. Short Magnum – 150 gr.

“Whitetail hunting is a common passion for many across the country. Year after year Winchester has been leading the way with some incredible new products, but with Deer Season XP, they have really gone above and beyond,” said Melissa Bachman, host of Winchester Deadly Passion. “Superior knockdown power, larger wound cavities and stopping a whitetail in his tracks are now a reality for all hunters thanks to Winchester’s commitment to innovation.”

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