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Corey Cogdell- Women’s Trap




Eagle River, Alaska

Current Residence:

Colorado Springs

Competition Highlights:

Made the USA Shooting National Team in 2006. 3 National Championship medals and 7 medals in international competitions.

Olympic Participation:

2008 Beijing- Trap: Bronze


Corey grew up hunting with her father which fostered a love for shooting. A few years later, she joined the 4-H program and started to develop her trap shooting skills.  Corey worked in a cooking school for two years and traveled to Italy to study. Corey also has a love of old cars, in particular Jeeps and Mustangs. Corey was a competitive skier as a teen. Most recently, she began to climb under the hood and rebuild cars. In her free time, Corey enjoys riding motorcycles, rock climbing, hunting, fishing and downhill skiing