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October Cold Fronts - Grant Woods

Last week I shared my hunting strategy for those days that it’s hotter than normal during October.  I hunt when it’s hotter than normal because I love to hunt – not because that’s the best conditions for daytime deer activity.

On the other hand, when a strong cold front is forecast during October, I’ve been known to play hooky from school (20+ years ago!) or work.  Strong cold fronts during October usually result in elevated levels of daytime buck activity.

Although bucks have their winter coat (long, dark hair), another important part of their ability to keep warm is burning calories. They tend to stoke that furnace by eating more than normal during daylight hours, which is the best of news for hunters.

In addition, bucks are thinking about does this time of year.  If the daytime temperatures are hotter than normal, bucks don’t tend to begin rutting behavior too many days in advance before the does are receptive. However, they often substantially increase their seeking/rutting activity just before and during cold fronts during October throughout most of the whitetail’s range.

Knowing where preferred food sources are, (especially those that deer don’t associate with danger and haven’t been over-hunted) and travel corridors between the bedding and preferred food sources are, make for great stand locations during cold fronts during October!

I enjoy deer hunting throughout the season, but one of my favorite and most productive times is the first strong cold front from October 15th or later.  You can see how this strategy paid off when I hunted during late October when a cold front occurred and took a great 12 point buck – check out: - ep/101

I typically don’t hunt some of my best stands at food sources and travel corridors until the first strong cold front that occurs after October 15th. If I’m missing-in-action that time of year, you’ll know where to find me.

Growing and hunting deer together,