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Winchester World of Whitetail

Winchester World of Whitetail Airing on The Sportsman Channel!

The World of Whitetail is a hard-core whitetail hunting series with a behind-the-scenes reality look into the life of series host, Ron Spomer. Ron’s background enables him to reveal many of the secrets of successful whitetail deer hunting and species biology behind America’s favorite big game species. We’ll vicariously follow Ron as he preps for hunts and get the inside scoop on his rituals, strategies and tactics that allow him continuous success harvesting older, mature bucks.

Through personal ‘walk and talk’ interviews we’ll learn about some of Ron’s favorite aspects of his life with whitetails, some of his favorite things and those that frustrate him about the world of whitetail hunting.

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Episode 1

Despite low numbers of bucks in Eastern Montana, Ron Spomer is determined to track and stalk a quality whitetail. Will he have to settle for a lower ranking buck or will he rise to the challenge and defy the odds by taking home yet another great North American whitetail trophy.

Episode 2

In an area known for producing trophy whitetails, Ron Spomer teams up with friend and guide Jerry Hull to hunt near the Cimmarron River. It's here where the native grasslands and sagebrush are directly responsible for an abundance of the quality bucks.

Episode 3

In the foothills of the White River Mountain Range, Ron Spomer takes advantage of the lack of hunting pressure combined with natural barriers to hone in and stalk the quality herds of whitetails found in this area.

Episode 4

Ron Spomer knows Nebraska is widely considered one of the great sleeper states of the midwest for trophy whitetail deer. His arrival coincides with the heart of the rut, providing an excellent chance at taking a top notch buck.

Episode 5

Ron Spomer takes to the beautiful Chinati Mountains for the quintessential Texas hunting experience. The rich history and diversity of wildlife here sets the stage for just the right trophy whitetail bucks Ron is looking to put in his crosshairs.

Episode 6

Ron Spomer returns to his native state, South Dakota, for another shot at a record book whitetail. Ron teams up with Rich Sundberg from White River Hunts as they pursue some of the biggest bucks South Dakota has to offer.

Episode 7

Ron Spomer journeys to the Northern Provence of Saskatchewan, a vast wilderness filled with whitetail activity. It will take all of Ron's skill and experience to make this a successful hunt.

Episode 8

Ron flies solo on this hunt as he stalks trophy-class whitetails. Spomer traverses mountainous terrain as high winds sweep through the expansive valleys.