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Spanning the globe, Winchester Legends brings you an unequaled and exciting hunting adventure each and every week. Join hosts Bob Foulkrod, Steve Farris and Melissa Bachman as they venture near and far in search of the hunting world's most sought-after game species from gigantic whitetails to the majestic Alaskan grizzly bear. With each bringing their unique skills to the challenges of hunting –– these seasoned hunters’ experience, wits and will are put to the ultimate test. Drawing from the spirit and tradition of the outdoors, with a focus on passing down knowledge from one generation to the next, Winchester Legends is a showcase for the lifestyle and the responsibility we all share that allows for the enjoyment of hunting.

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Episode 1: African Lion

Bob Foulkrod journeys to Africa to stalk the king of all beasts, the lion. Bob will have to rely on a lifetime of hunting experience to take on not only the punishing and perilous African landscape but to stare down the pinnacle of dangerous game. Waiting for Foulkrod in Africa is an adventure in every sense of the world. It is said there's no lazy lion hunters, or careless ones. And Foulkrod tests his endurance and wits against the one animal with no fear and can pounce at any moment.

Episode 2: Texas Whitetail

Host Bob Foulkrod invites you to spend Thanksgiving hunting with his family in Texas and joining his son and grandsons in taking some of that state's huge whitetail bucks. Hunting at his nephew's lodge, Foulkrod has a home field advantage on this hunt. For Bob's son, recently retired from the Navy, and grandsons, age 8 and 15, this will be the trip of a life time as they are all looking for that special whitetail trophy... Along for the hunt is Bob's father's rifle, a family heirloom, with each family member taking a turn and looking to add more memories to the Foulkrod family history.

Episode 3: African Crocodiles

Hunting the game-rich country of South Africa's Limpopo province, Bob Foulkrod has his sights set on the elusive crocodile. Crocodiles have an extreme sense of hearing and smelling, and can feel the vibrations in the ground as you approach. More than ever, a perfect shot will be needed or Foulkrod may face the very real and dangerous actuality of having to stalk a wounded crocodile into the brush.

Episode 4:Idaho Waterfowl

Host and rock star Steve Farris heads to Idaho looking to level his shotgun on the wide array of waterfowl that stream south through this hunters paradise. Joining Steve on this hunt is life-long hunter and CEO of the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, Charlie Potter, whose work in waterfowl and wetland issues showcases the responsibility that all hunters share. A perfect combination of numerous ponds, large swaths of grasslands, and expansive brush patches provided the backdrop for what's sure to be a very busy hunt.

Episode 5: Colorado Coyote

Host Allen Treadwell heads to the foothills of Colorado to set his sights on the challenging and elusive coyotes that are known to roam this area. Coyotes have a sense of smell that might even surpass that of the whitetails. They will actively circle around downwind, avoiding the call, and making each opportunity for a shot all that more difficult. Every aspect of Treadwell's skills and patience are put to the test as spotting and calling this evasive predator is a challenge for any hunter.

Episode 6: Louisiana Ducks

Hackberry Rod and Gun Club, one of the largest and most respected outfitters in the country, provides the setting for host and rock star Steve Farris as he heads south to the vast marshes of Louisiana. With gadwall, widgeon, pintail, and teal all common to this area, Farris is sure to harvest multiple trophies out of the sky. Joining Farris on this hunt is Brad Criner from Winchester Ammunition, who's brought along the latest Blind Side waterfowl ammunition for what's sure to be a thorough field test. Farris, having grown up in the waterfowl-rich Nebraska North Platte region, and Hackberry Rod and Gun's twenty-five plus years of hunting experience, is a combination guaranteed to result in an extraordinary number of trophy opportunities.

Episode 7: New Zealand Red Stag and Fallow Deer

Bob Foulkrod heads around the globe to New Zealand, where the forest and mountains are physically demanding and the high country weather is often unpredictable. It's this formidable setting that provides the backdrop for some of the finest trophy hunting on the world. Foulkrod's targets on this hunt are the Red Stag, who at close quarters is one of the world's most unforgettable hunting experiences, and the Fallow Deer, the most aggressive deer species in New Zealand. The combination of pursuing world records and being able to hunt some the most glorious scenery the world has to offer will give Foulkrod a unique New Zealand adventure with everything a hunter can ask for.

Episode 8: Colorado Turkey

On this Winchester Legends, hosts Melissa Bachman and Allen Treadwell journey to southern Colorado, where the Rocky Mountain foothills meet the eastern plains to hunt the multitude of turkeys that dot this landscape. Not well known as a turkey hunter's destination, southern Colorado has an immense population of Merriam's Turkey where it's common to see fifty to a hundred a day, with many Toms in groups of five to ten. And due to a lack of hunting pressure these birds are extremely susceptible to calls. It's these advantages that are sure to add up to a productive and exciting hunting experience for Bachman and Treadwell.

Episode 9: New Zealand Tahr and Chamois

Bob Foulkrod's hunting adventure takes him halfway around the world, to the southern island of New Zealand, where the challenge of hunting both the Tahr and Chamois will test every aspect of his hunting skills. The Tahr is one of the most impressive animals in the world and their mountain habitat makes them one of the most rewarding trophies to obtain. And the Chamois here in New Zealand are as large as any found elsewhere in the world. Trophy horns start at 8 ½ inches but can be as long as 11. Spotting and stalking these challenging game animals across 8000 acres of private land is the task for Foulkrod on this episode of Winchester Legends, as he's sure to have a hunters experience of a lifetime.

Episode 10: Alaskan Brown and Grizzly Bear

On this episode of Winchester Legends, host Bob Foulkrod returns to Alaska seeking to take home both of the famed state's big bears, the Brown and Grizzly. Bear hunting is an adventure in every sense of the word, and there's no more beautiful place to do such a hunt then in Alaska. Bob, drawing on many previous successful and memorable hunts, also recounts a handful of Alaskan bear adventures, highlighting just what’s special about the Alaskan hunting experience. Foulkrod will have to fall back on a lifetime of hunting experience if he wants to take both of these massive trophies out of the Alaskan wilderness.