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“Winchester Rack Masters,” brings together perhaps the greatest collection of deer hunting authorities ever assembled. Seasoned pro’s all… Bob Foulkrod, Ron Spomer, Steve Stoltz, Allen Treadwell & Melissa Bachmann, share their insights and experiences, gathered from decades of pursuit of their passion… The American Deer. Each week a different host journey’s to a new location and shares with you their personal perspective and strategies, on how to make you a better deer hunter.
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Winchester Rack Masters Epidsodes

Episode 1: Show-me State Whitetails

Host Allen Treadwell returns to his favorite whitetail haunt in central Missouri. Hunting a friend’s family farm, Allen takes all he remembers from previous outings and applies it to this late season hunt. Every kind of weather imaginable hits Treadwell on this trip, and he’s ready for whatever Mother Nature can throw his way.

Episode 2: Cornhusker Monsters

Host Steve Stoltz returns to Nebraska for the second time in as many years. He’s teamed up with the pros from Triple H outfitting and it looks like the stars have aligned once again for Stoltz. Cool weather and the rut getting into high gear means, plenty of activity and high hopes for a repeat of last years memorable hunt.

Episode 3: Sizzling South Dakota

Host Melissa Bachmann makes an encore visit to South Dakota, however this will be her first hunt with Chris Keiser of Double H outfitting, located near the town of Gregory. The key here was to cover as much ground as possible to try a located a big, mature buck. Freezing cold weather & shortened days of late fall, are proving difficult…but our duo never gives up and their determination pay off big time.

Episode 4: A Thanksgiving Day Blessing

Host Bob Foulkrod bring the entire Foulkrod clan with him down to Alamasitos, Texas for this past years Thanksgiving holiday and what a trip it turns out to be. The deer are very cooperative & everywhere to be found. A set of rattling horns, a little bit of cover & a fair amount of time are that are needed to turn this into a never to be forgotten Thanksgiving.

Episode 5: South Dakota Surprise

Host Steve Stoltz earned his stripes in the hunting world as a three-time World Champion Turkey caller & Champion of Champions award from the NWTF. But it’s whitetails that consume his fall season and he’s off to South Dakota once again in pursuit of a big buck. Hunting private land might seem like an advantage, but the lack of hunting pressure can often make deer difficult to find. Join Steve to see which scenario plays out.

Episode 6: Kansas Madness

Rack Master co-host Bob Foulkrod, calls Allen Treadwell the “future of TV hunting experts”. And from the outcome of this Kansas hunt with Jeff’s Guide Service, Bob is 100% right. As a former member of the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team, Teadwell knows the “3 P’s” well. Practice, Patience, Perseverance. Allen has a “feel”, for being in the right spot at the right time and this hunt proves it.

Episode 7: Powder River Prowess

Minnesota native Melissa Bachmann has been hunting deer since she was 7 or 8 years old. But she really didn’t begin hunting “BIG DEER”, since her first trip to the Powder River region of Montana a couple of years ago. She has since taken several nice bucks there, and this hunt proves no exception. As guide Courtney Gatlin shows Melissa some of the finest whitetail country in the country!

Episode 8: Oklahoma Bucks are OK

The “Sooner State” may not seem like a whitetail hunting hotspot that immediately comes to mind. But it’s habitat from north to south is that of Kansas and Texas, and we know what those two states produce. Allen Treadwell is joining up with Bucks & Ducks Outfitting, where he learns the meaning of the old adage, “don’t pass up on the first day, something you’d shoot on the last”.

Episode 9: Whatever it takes!

This multi-hunt, feature episode, includes all four Winchester Rack Master hunters doing what they do best…adapting to the situation at hand. We all know the old saying, “when life hands you nothing but lemons, MAKE LEMONADE”. The same thing goes for deer hunting. Whatever circumstances you find yourself dealing with, be it weather, the season, or just plain bad luck… adapt to them for success.

Episode 10: Best of the best, 2013

An overview of the 2013 season, featuring tips, tactics & techniques of the Rack Master pro’s. Beginning in September and winding up in January, this look back, proves a valuable tool for your upcoming season, no matter where you call home.