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The Gould Brothers

The Changing Times of Exhibition Shooting

Exhibition shooting has a strong history in America. The sport continues to evolve and grow. Legendary exhibition shooters have helped paved the way for professionals nowadays, including brothers Steve and Aaron Gould.

The Gould Brothers

Time has changed how today’s exhibition shooters connect with fans and wow crowds. In the earlier days of exhibition shooting, there was no YouTube. No Facebook. No Instagram. You experienced shooting skills by witnessing the precision live and in the moment. Shooting a firearm went beyond hunting. It was challenging. It was unexpected. It was fun.

And it still is.

In today’s social-media soaked world, exhibition shooters can show off their skills to audiences that go beyond the crowds. The Gould Brothers utilize social media to connect with fans through videos. They often record themselves using the Winchester SX4 and AA ammunition to achieve a variety of shooting feats. Their tricks showcase Winchester’s lightweight firearm design and the ammunition’s accuracy. The videos are shared across the Internet and social media platforms, helping spark intrigue and add new exhibition shooters to the sport.

Despite the changing times and communication channels, one thing has remained the same: the tried and true reliability of Winchester. With every shot of the Winchester firearm, the Gould Brothers connect the traditions of the past to the fanfare of today that surrounds shooting sports.

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