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Welcome to the Inaugural Winchester Shooting Sports eNewsletter

Whether you’re new to the shooting sports, or, already spend time shooting for recreation or competition, welcome!

Within each eNewsletter, we’ll share engaging information in the shooting sports world including upcoming events, tips from Team Winchester and how to get more involved shooting sports world. In addition, we’ll showcase products that will help you prepare for time spent on the range with family and friends, or, for your next competition. Once again, welcome to the Winchester Shooting Sports eNewsletter!

Desi Edmunds

Welcome to the Inaugural Winchester Shooting Sports eNewsletter

What event hosted some 2,400 clay target shooters from the U.S. and around the world, covered over 700 acres, had 114 different shooting stations, threw 1.9 million White Flyer clay targets and celebrated its 35th anniversary in San Antonio, Texas? It was the National Sporting Clays Association National Championship! Plus, the National Sporting Clays Association’s (NSCA) Championship Tour is “Powered by Winchester.” The Tour consists of five Regional Championships, U.S. Open and the NSCA Championship.


If you’ve not had the opportunity to give sporting clays a try and are wondering what it’s all about, here you go—think golf and all the different and unique holes a golf course offers. This is exactly what you will find at a sporting clays course. Unlike skeet and trap shooting where a shooter shoots his or her shotgun from basically the same handful of positions, the sporting clays shooter is mobile in that he or she walks or rides a cart from station to station. The shooter will typically have a crack at 10 clay birds per station and then off to the next where the presentation of clay birds will be completely different than the last station. And, like golf, it is super-fun and a very social outing where laughs are shared and friends root each other on. Reach out to a group of friends and give it a go sometime soon—we know you’ll have a great time!

The men, women and youth who participated in the NSCA National Championship, the largest sporting clays event ever hosted in the world, are athletes of all talent levels and ages.  Winchester sponsors around one dozen of the best sporting clays shooters in the country including Zach Kienbaum (Winner of the 2018, 2019 and 2022 NSCA National Championships), Anthony Matarese (Winner of the 2008 National Championships) and Desirae Edmunds (Ladies NSCA National Champion in 2014 and 2018), to Sub-Junior shooters Connor Daniel and Kayla Wilgus. Team Winchester shooters choose the AA Lite Handicap and the AA Sporting Clays loads as their ammunition of choice when they compete. Both deliver unparalleled target-breaking performance that revolutionized target-shooting and reloading since 1965.

AA target loads 

The Championship ran from October 21-29. Team Winchester members competed in events including: Main Event, 5-Stand, K-KUP, FITASC and Super Sporting. This event also marked the conclusion of the Winchester Ladies Cup and  Top Shot Sub-Junior programs.

This past event brought sport shooters from all 50 states and other countries around the world. It was more than a shoot, it was an event for shooters from all ability levels that love to shoot and have fun. We were extremely excited for this 35th anniversary of the National Championship; it shaped up to be the biggest one ever. It was the largest sporting clays event ever hosted in the world,” said National Sporting Clays Association’s Executive Director Michael Hampton. Jr.

Anthony Matarese, Jr

Anthony Matarese, Jr.

The weather was touch and go, but the shooting was fast and furious. Team Winchester members crushed it this year with strong shooting across many of the events. Our hats off to all shooters who traveled to San Antonio and participated!

The long and winding road of the Championship Tour Powered by Winchester leading to the National Championship was filled with great shooters and great shots, great courses across the country and great friends and friendships. Here are results from some of the Team Winchester shooters:

Desi Edmonds finished 3rd place in Ladies Main Event; Lady Runner-Up FITASC; Krieghoff Kup Lady Runner-Up; Winchester Ladies Cup Nationals Champion; 3rd place Overall Ladies Cup. Connor Daniel Sub-Junior Main Event Champion; Super-Sporting Champion. Eric Harvey FITASC Champion; 28 Gauge Champion; Sub-Gauge High Overall Runner-Up. Joe Fanizzi Krieghoff Kup Champion; 5-Stand Runner-Up; Main Event Junior Runner-Up; Junior FITASC Championship. Anthony Matarese 5-Stand Champion; FITASC 3rd Place; All Around Runner-Up.

“The targets were excellent across all events. I was pleased with my overall performance, however I came up a few targets short on Sunday preventing me from a podium finish in the Main Event. I do however always enjoy competing against the finest shooters in the world,” said Anthony Matarese, Jr., participating in his 28th straight NSCA Championship.

From Team Winchester member Desi Edmonds who had a stellar outing at the National Championship, “The NSCA staff and shooters alike did a great job battling the elements during the 2023 Nationals. I am pleased to have finished out the year with a podium in the main event and earning 1st Place in the Winchester Ladies Cup! I’m already look forward to next season.”

Sporting clays is not only one where the finest shooters in the country and from around the globe participate, but also a sport where anyone can find a fun and social activity to participate in. Like golf, sporting clays as well as trap and skeet shooting are sports you can enjoy with family and friends for a lifetime. And if you are wondering where your nearest place to shoot clays is, all you need to do is head to the Winchester “Where to Shoot” online resource to easily find a shooting range. If you are a beginner or somewhat new to the shooting sports, many of the ranges you will find offer shooting lessons from a certified instructor. So, from beginner to experienced shooter, grab some family members or friends and “let’s go shooting!”


News From the Shooting Sports World

On October 1, Winchester completed an acquisition of White Flyer Targets – you’ve probably seen White Flyer Targets when shooting clays, they are the orange-colored target used for trap, skeet and sporting clays. Winchester was founded in 1866, while White Flyer was in 1892 … both iconic American Brands now joined as one. “We welcome our new White Flyer teammates,” said Brett Flaugher, president of Winchester Ammunition. “Together, we can enhance the continued growth of trap, skeet, sporting clays and other shotgun sports. These two leading brands are renowned for unmatched quality and now offer increased value to our customers through comprehensive ammunition and clay target solutions for the thousands of shooting ranges across America.”

White Flyer 

And on October 4, Barepelt shooting vests became a Winchester licensee. Shooting vests are great tool for a sport shooter of any level as they provide pouches for shells and a shoulder mount material that keeps the gun’s butt pad in place when you mount your shotgun and also provides some padding to reduce recoil. “The Barepelt vests are infinitely customizable and are extremely popular among individual shooters and youth teams,” said Jason Gilbertson, Director of Marketing for Winchester Ammunition. “We look forward to working with Barepelt in rolling out custom Winchester vests to the shooting public. Their co-branded vests are already out at events and worn proudly by Team Winchester members Zach Kienbaum, Desirae Edmunds, Theo Ribbs and Eric Harvey.”