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Wads and Shots

Reloaders seldom give wads the same critical attention given to other components. Often the result is poor performance - due entirely to the wad. Paper cup and fiber wads provide effective gas pressure seals inslug loads. Plastic shot cups protect buckshot pellets and provide improved pattern performance for new low recoil buck shot loads. And of course the reload wouldn't be complete without Winchester shot. Winchester's uniform, chilled lead shot provides consistent shot patterns and better penetration. Strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process assures the ultimate in performance.

Symbol Gauge Optimum Shot Wt.
WAA12 12 1-1/8 oz.
WAA12L 12 7/8 oz.
WAA12SL 12 1 oz. & 1-1/8 oz.
WAA20 20 7/8 oz.
WAA28HS 28 3/4 oz.
WAA410HS 410 1/2 oz.
WT12 12 1-1/8 oz.